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22 Jul

I am more and more perplexed about how people use their bank cards instead of Cash. In Sweden, most banks are "cashless" you cannot deposit any money or withdraw... In most places, you cannot use cash to pay for things.. and some shops have a sign saying so...

Have you ever wondered, that when you use your cards, you are letting the banks control everything, they are also charging you for using your cards? SAs I live in Portugal and I like to use cash, paying a couple of euros for a coffee, actually feels like I have some real money.. I do not like using the card if I can help it, so when I visit shops abroad that will not let me use cash I find it a pain!
It will become so cashless in our society, that we will be totally controlled by a corporation? do we want that? using a thumbprint to pay for things? It doesn't feel good and doesn't feel "free"
If I withdraw money, I get to spend it on what I want, no one knows I have bought 4 mars bars and a large late! I LIKE it that way... I like my private spending, as its all we seem to have left after Mr. Google stalker follows us around .... Now there are things that can take away our freedom.. "hackers" as it happened in Sweden and no-one could use their cards! and money wasn't allowed! how stupid can people get.
So I shall keep my cash..thank you very much....

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