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15 Apr


.Hi all...Having recently cut off all ties with twitter, due to the control of what we say and do on theirs. leaving it as a tantrum ground for one certain man who uses it to incite war! although Twitter seems to think that's ok...
I have looked for an alternative and found mastodon, it's a similar platform, but with no
As quoted in the India Times...
"By allowing each user the ability to create their own server, Mastodon lets you apply your own rules to your server and gives the community the ability to moderate it as well. If a user disagrees with the policies of a server, they can leave it without losing access to Mastodon"
This I fond wonderful... Getting our space back without being controlled by a multi-million dollar company! who bans people for saying things against the great orange man or similar things.
Also, take a read of this...

Its time to take back control of what we think and say.. Of course, I am not suggesting we go and do things we shouldn't, but being controlled and our tweets manipulated are not a good thing.
For anyone wanting to follow me...

https://mstdn.social/@redragdolly   I'm using the same name tag as I did on Twittsville...  so #ByeByetwitter #HelloMastodon 

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