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16 Jun

When twenty-eight-year-old Fran Grace takes the journey to Scotland to scatter her father’s ashes in the small town in which he was raised, she is expecting a peaceful, emotional opportunity to say goodbye and connect with the man whose essence was lost many years before his death to dementia. However, her pilgrimage is transformed beyond recognition when she stumbles upon a quirky local café. Purple Moons and Coffee Spoons may look like a simple, quaint eatery in which to read one of the many books lined up on its abundant bookshelves, but chanting emanates from its walls at night as generations of women dance and sing, giving the books what they need, just as their ancestors had done before them. Because these are no ordinary books and this is far from an ordinary café … When the right person walks through the door and sits down to read, dead authors are stirred back to life, and they come with demands but also great gifts of healing. When Fran discovers that she is one of the chosen ones, a simple cup of coffee and slice of chocolate fudge cake quickly evolve into a week-long meet and greet with the dead … and they are a demanding bunch: a spiritual gardener, a bearded lady, a lovesick soldier, even William Shakespeare himself … what lies ahead is a week that she will never forget.

The book is in the process of editing and cover design..news will be put on the website as soon as its out. 

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