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02 Apr

5.0 out of 5 stars Enjoyable and thought provoking story Reviewed in the United Kingdom 

A wonderful page-turner suitable for girls and boys age 10-12 and above, this highly original plot tackles the sensitive issue of Holocaust and all those who felt helpless as their precious loved ones were snatched away from them and they became the victims of the barbaric act. As I start reading the book, I couldn’t help but fell in love with Polly Mae who is always getting into bother and she doesn’t even know the reason at times! This eleven-year-old is constantly loggerheads with her next door neighbor, Mrs. Donkin, the neighbor from hell and always gets scolded for her mischief.
Simply written in a charming way, the book is very funny and takes us to a great journey when accidentally poly Mae along with her friend William discovers an old suitcase from an ice-cream cabin on the beach. Little does she know what the suitcase contains and how far the search of its owner would take her? Her curiosity makes her take it back to the house and with her father’s help; Poly Mae finally discovers who that old bag belonged to. Of course, I am not going to tell you. You have to find it out for yourself. But author Judie Hodgson does it again! Her charismatic words and simple language weave many emotions as the book progresses and you can’t help but wonder about those who suffered due to Holocaust. What would they have felt? What kind of suffering each of them had undergone!
The premise of this book is really unusual and heart touching, the characters are funny and engaging, very relatable. Poly Mae’s character, her dialogues, her thought process and the plethora of emotions she feels on her adventurous journey to find the owner are heartwarming. Thanks to the old suitcase, separated hearts have found each other again and Poly Mae has become a traveler and detective in her own way. She has lot to talk about and suddenly from a mischievous girl; Poly Mae becomes the talk of the town,
A thoroughly enjoyable read written beautifully yet easy enough for kids to comprehend, the fantastic story of Poly Mae hooked me straight away and kept me at it till the end.

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