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20 Apr

Readers Favorite review for Purple Moons and coffee spoons 

Reviewed By Shrabastee Chakraborty for Readers’ FavoriteFollowing her father’s death, Fran has brought his ashes back to his hometown of Banff, Scotland. Numb with grief, she is unable to find peace and barely manages to cope. However, a brief visit to a small cafe with an outlandish name might be the game-changer for her. Mrs. Friendly, the exuberant hostess, and the entire clan of the Friendly women welcome her not only with open arms but also enthusiastic chanting and dancing. When reading the shelved books causes their deceased authors to re-emerge and ask her favors, Fran realizes this café holds secrets that transcend the realm of logic and science. Read Purple Moons and Coffee Spoons by Julie Hodgson and join Fran in her unusual quests.

This novel is undoubtedly one of the coziest books I have read recently. Settling down in a snug café with a book in hand, surrounded by the aroma of coffee and delectable confectionary, is any booklover’s dream. Add to that the bonus conversations with age-old authors, and I am sure you will want to share Fran’s experiences. With each of her quests, a small part of Fran’s insurmountable wall of grief crumbled, letting the light in and making her into a new person. Moreover, she empathized with other bereaved souls and brought them back to life. Hodgson’s elaborate descriptions of the idyllic backdrop of the Scottish countryside and seashore charmed my heart. The tinge of paranormal made the story even more appealing. I would wholeheartedly recommend Purple Moons and Coffee Spoons by Julie Hodgson to those readers looking for a heart-warming book.

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