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06 Aug

Its become increasingly popular to have spam messages sent via websites to say there is s "spelling" mistake. Not only is this untrue, although maybe sometimes there is a small issue, this is not why it is done, its done to spam your site and get you to click on what they send...  

Spammers and scammers continually find new tactics to attract your attention and your clicks, often using methods designed to cause fear, uncertainty and doubt (also known as FUD). A recent example of such a spurious tactic that our clients have asked about repeatedly is email or form-based communications indicating that there is a misspelling or broken link on their website. In this blog post, we’ll explain these bogus communications that cause concern about the quality or content on your website. Via Bleevit.

https://www.bleevit.com/is-there-really-a-misspelling-on-my-website/  check this web for more info. 

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