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09 Apr

About Writer Beware

Writer Beware® is sponsored by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. Like many genre-focused writers’ groups, SFWA® is concerned not just with issues that affect professional authors, but with the problems and pitfalls that face aspiring writers. Writer Beware®, founded in 1998, addresses that concern through the Writer Beware® website, which provides warnings about literary schemes and scams, along with information on how writers can protect themselves; the Writer Beware® blog, which covers schemes and scams in real time along with publishing industry news and advice for writers; and the Writer Beware® Facebook page, which links to writing-related articles, blog posts, and news items and provides a forum for discussion; and the Twitter feed of Writer Beware co-founder Victoria Strauss.

Although we’re sponsored by a US-based organization of professional writers of speculative fiction, our efforts aren’t limited by country, market, genre, or publication history. We’ve designed the Writer Beware® website to be used by any writer, new or established, regardless of subject, style, specialty, or nationality.“Writer Beware” is an officially registered service mark of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

Writer Beware is a volunteer effort. SFWA® funds our expenses, but we receive no salaries, stipends, or other remuneration. 

For further information and to keep watch, check out their website. https://writerbeware.blog

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