Tell me another story Dad has become a finalist in the Wishing Shelf Book awards for best cover. 

Wishing shelf awards Best book cover Finalist

 All you need is love and a BIG handbag winning New Apple awards This Romcom won a couple of awards. It is now in several languages, included Chinese. 

New Apple awards

 All you need is love (and a big handbag) has got first place in the Incipere Book Award 

All you Need is love (and a big handbag)Incipere Book Award

 Jodie and the library card has won a plethora of awards, 

Readers Favorite Awards Miami

 Cassandra was another Readers favorite award, and honorable mention. 

CassandraReaders Favorite awards

 Jodie and the library card, came a finalist and "Jodie" got a bronze for her adventures! 

The Wishing shelf awards UK

 Jodie is now in Portuguese 

Readers Favorite Awards Miami Wishing shelf awards Silver

 Jodie and the Library Card Jodie and the book of the rose . Bronze winner. Wishing shelf awards UK. and readers Favorite Miami 

Readers Favorite Awards Miami , Wishing shelf awards UK

 The Gift obtaining a readers favorite award. 

The Gift

 Readers Favorite award Miami 

All you need is love and a big handbag

 The Gift. Readers favorite awards 

 Readers Favorite winner Cassandra And they all fall down. 

 All you need is love and a big handbag was selected for the New apple awards. 

 Finalist of the 2021 Wishingshelf book awards UK 

All you need is love and a big handbagAudio CDs on request.All you need is love and a big handbag

 Purple Moons and coffee spoons, Teen category finalist in the Wishingshelf awards UK 

Wishingshelf awards UKPurple Moons and coffee spoons

 Reviewed By Pikasho Deka for Readers’ Favorite Before You Go is a short paranormal novella written by Julie Hodgson. Ethan and Daisy, a late-twenties couple, travel to the remote Scottish town of Banff, hoping to bring some spice back into their humdrum marriage. But soon after their arrival, Ethan learns that the only reason Daisy chose to come to Banff is to chase Hollywood starlet Simone Garbo and get a juicy scoop on her for her gossip column. Outraged by her behavior, Ethan leaves Daisy alone in Banff. Meanwhile, Simone grieves for her recently deceased husband in a seemingly innocuous cafe. However, Daisy soon learns from the hostess Mrs. Friendly that the cafe is actually a hub for dead authors to fulfill their lifelong wishes through visitors such as her. As Daisy helps the authors, she rediscovers herself. Before You Go is a humorous tale of self-discovery that ingeniously touches your heart without you even realizing it. Author Julie Hodgson spins a captivating paranormal yarn about a young career-centric woman realizing her shortcomings through the extraordinary circumstances she finds herself in. Filled with wit, charm, and humor, Hodgson's narrative hooks you in from the get-go and refuses to let go until the end. The characters are layered and complex. Their inner motives and conflicts create plenty of drama, keeping you hooked through the pages. Daisy's gradual evolution from a self-absorbed, celebrity-chasing journalist to someone who is empathic toward others makes her a riveting protagonist you can't help but root for. I had a wonderful time with Before You Go. Highly recommended. 

Before you go reviewed by Readers Favorite