Antonia Barber   The Ghosts
Rated 5 Stars

When Lucy sat in the attic, she thought she heard the sound of voices calling... That's when she started to believe the rumors in the village that the old house was haunted. But no ghosts appeared - until the day Lucy and her brother Jamie stood in the garden and watched two pale figures, a girl and a boy, coming toward them. That was the beginning of a strange and dangerous friendship between Lucy and Jamie and two children who had died a century before. The ghost children desperately needed their help. But would Lucy and Jamie have the courage to venture into the past - and change the terrible events that had led to murder?

I read this book when I was younger, and re read it when ever I can. Lucy and her brother, Jamie, meet two children in the garden. But there is one issue... The children died a century ago.

Along with Mr. Blunden they two siblings go back into the past to help rectify a mistake. A mistake Mr. Blunden wanted to put right. Lucy and Jamie have some fun along the way, but their actions to help save their new found friends, gives them great rewards in the end. 

This is so much more than a ghost story.