Before you go
Rated 5 stars by Readers Favorite

Reviewed By Joseph Ogbonna for Readers’ Favorite

This astonishing book, Before You Go by Julie Hodgson, is a book about a career-driven journalist, Daisy, who chose her career over everything. She believes that happiness and fulfillment only come when you’re at the top of your career. However, she agreed to go on a holiday with her husband, Ethan, who had been suffering in their marriage because of her emotional unavailability. Although they were companions, he still felt lonely in their relationship. So, he thought it was the opportunity they needed to relax, rekindle their love, and strengthen their relationship. But Ethan was heartbroken when he discovered the reason Daisy chose the remote Scottish coastal town of Banff for their holiday. What is her motive? Can Ethan overlook everything and continue with the marriage?
Though I am a die-hard fan of action and supernatural novels, a cursory glance at this short drama captured my attention and left me with no choice but to read to the end. Before You Go is an engrossing story. Julie Hodgson showed mastery in this book with her colorful and realistic portrayal of the scenery and the characters. I liked the inclusion in Ethan’s note, which said: “… You can get on with your life and not become the woman that I can see you turning into—someone who will do anything to get ahead in life, not caring who they stand on to do it.” (p.31). This workaholism is one reason we have many marriages but few happy homes in our societies today. Julie Hodgson has dedicated time in this book to send a message to couples who want to build a magnificent home. I also recommend Before You Go to singles who dream of having a happy home in the future. A read without regret.