Whispers of the Gone
Rated 5 stars by Readers Favorite

Life in the Enclave was much slower than in the cities, especially since Elves took their time because they have plenty of it; however, something seems to have happened. For once, the people of the Enclave seemed to be in a hurry. After the Rebellion, most Seeker Families were killed and in the Thrudore Enclave, only Sellusa’s family, the Natanus family, survived. Seekers were strong, courageous, and loyal and they arose in times of need. Selli has the blood of an adventurer in her and she was determined to carry out her duties and avenge her father too. She was summoned by Lady T’Serra because of urgent business - she found out that children have been going missing for the past two weeks. They have no idea who was behind this and it is up to her to look into the matter. Where will her adventures lead her to? What truths will she discover along the way? Read Whispers of the Gone by Julie Hodgson to find out! Whispers of the Gone is a young adult fantasy book by Julie Hodgson and illustrated by Mona Lena. Selli is a determined and brave fifteen-year-old who carries a heavy legacy on her shoulder as the last remaining Samúð in Haltasia. Her quest to find the missing children uncovered surprising truths and the mission was fraught with danger. Her distinctive character captured my attention from the get-go. I was drawn deeper into the story because of Hodgson’s amazing ability to capture the reader's interest from the very first page and I was also hooked by the substantial plot and surprising twists along the way. The tale is filled with a healthy dose of adventure, conflict, mystery, and so much more! Hodgson created a unique world through detailed world-building and I couldn’t wait to explore every crevice of it as I read Selli’s story! Mona Lena’s illustrations of the characters and events add vision to this world and help the story come to life. The art adds a bright perspective to the already fantastic and engrossing tale. Fantastic work!